Mt Engadine Lodge - Dec 2003/ Jan 2004

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Lake just above Canmore.  Cold day, water is steaming.

Trail just across Smutt's Creek from the lodge.

Mt Engadine Lodge

A grey day near the lodge.

Elk Pass trail, going up.  Fresh snow, first skier of the day.

Coming down along Hydroline.  Too cold to stop for lunch.

After the Elk Pass trail, concentrating on holding the camera.. 

Let's try to smile for the camera.

The makers of Bear Hotel.  Rowan, Grace, Louise and Kane.
Lodge kids.

In white, Horace the ghost.  He does good things on weekdays, bad on weekends.  In red, the bear for whom the hotel is built.

Washers and driers.  One is out of order -- Horace's doing.

Toilets and sinks.  Horace has haunted one of those, too.

Guest rooms.

Fitness facility.  Note stair-master, free weights and so on.

Ground floor.  Note large carpet and elevators.

An elevator in operation.

The pool area.  Note slide and rope to swing into pool.

Slide rules.

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