Western Wind Workshop - July 2006

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We've been attending Western Wind ensemble singing workshops for many years, but somehow have never taken any pictures.  Here are a very few from after
the final concert, as people are packing up to leave for home.  Some of the usual suspects, notably Yumiko, Kristina and Bob E. are missing, but ...

Here's a link to some pictures of our home ensemble singing activities and some home rehearsal audio clips.

Brandon (a.k.a "Improvise") with Debby, and Franny.  I love singing with Brandon and he's a great guy.  You can see that Debby likes him a lot, too.
Franny is an incredible singer but I don't think I've ever had the chance to work with her.  To bad, I'm sure it would be fun.

Tenors:  Todd, Richard with daughter Maddy.  These workshops tend to be tenor-poor, and often Richard or Todd end up singing with the groups to cover the tenor line.
Singing with these guys is a treat, believe me.

Elliot and Bill, always working something or other.

Laura, the newest member of the Wind, and Judy, probably the longest running workshop participant.

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