Wedding - March 12, 2005

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Oh no, I'm not tense!

Lee, my sister, and Jennifer, her daughter.  Barry and Trudy from Canada. Scott and Anne from the Houston Symphony Chorus (well, Anne -- Scott is a groupie).

Pastor Jim and the church.

Four of us sang "Il Est Bel et Bon" while Debby came down the aisle escorted by her kids.

Debby pinned on my corsage, which had been forgotten.

Then all five of us sang "Can't Buy Me Love", "Shadow of Your Smile", "Bogoroditsye Dyovo" and "I Thank You God for this Amazing Day" (special 5-part version modified by the composer for this occasion).  After the ceremony was over we sang "You Are the New Day".  If you listen to just one, I suggest "You Are the New Day" -- we really like that one.

Lighting the candle.

The last song ("You are the New Day"), then "That's it, folks. The party is at my house".

Debby and her kids. Bert and Marta.

The reception was at my house. We sang for Pastor Jim the Gilbert and Sullivan commentary on the Wisdom Literature ("See How the Fates Their Gifts Alot", from The Mikado).

We had a saxophone quartet from Chris' high school.  They were really good.  Here are Sarah and Willow dancing to the music.

Ryan is a cat, and cats perch.

Wayne does "the toast", and the reception, per se, is pretty much done.  Later, a few of us stay to look at pictures and wind down.

"Who wants port?"

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