Trees in our Back Yard - May 2007

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We've planted a lot of trees in our back yard, in the hopes that it will become a shady glen. Or at least be a little less like the bare, Katy prairie. Here are some of them.

Three Red Oaks near the house, primarily intended to shade the patio -- which without the trees becomes like a griddle in the summer afternoon.  Looking out from the patio we see the Chinese Flame Tree
in the background.

The Chinese Flame Tree and a small Mimosa.  Both are ornamentals.  The Flame Tree puts out red ... paper lanterns ... in late summer or autumn.  More pictures as it happens.  Behind the Flame Tree are
two elms.

Mimosas have pink flowers, seed pods and whatever.  They are also called Rain Trees -- because they apparently drip water.  They close their leaves in the night and open to the sun.  Mimosas grow fast,
which is lucky because this one is a little small and scraggly at the moment.  Behind the Mimosa are Crepe Myrtles and Wax Myrtles.

The Red Oaks from different views.  And the Magnolia, intended at some point to give us privacy in our pool from the house that overlooks it beyond the fence.

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