Paris - Sept, 2005

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I think that this might be viewed as a somewhat delayed honeymoon ...

We stayed at the Hotel Molay, which is in the Marais district. This is an old, picturesque neighborhood with narrow streets and in general lots and lots of character.

The hotel is a very charming mixture of modern and old fashioned.

We like Notre Dame cathedral a lot, partly because it is a "live" church, in the sense that it has services and is active in the community.
I didn't take many pictures inside because you're not supposed to use flash -- although an awful lot of people do anyway.

Fractal cabbage. What can I say? Actually, this stuff is supposed to grow in California, too, but I've never seen it anywhere else.

We spent a whole day in Versailles, where we walked a long, long way.  We like the gardens better than the big, fancy palaces.  Most of these pictures are from the "queen's hamlet".  This was a little fantasy
farm where Marie Antoinette could pretend to have a simple life, taking care of the animals and plants.

Ornamental vegetable gardens.  Spectacular.

More vegetables. Close to harvest time, I think.

Are the purple things rhubarb?

These are the more formal gardens in Versailles, where every once in a while you walk into a little hidden place with something like the first two above.

The gardens of Versailles are huge and after all that walking one can use a beer

Finally, the Louvre.  So much there, but near the statue of winged victory ...

are these two wonderful frescos by Botticelli.  The left portion of the first is very well known ... but I like the whole thing.  These seem like real people ...

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