Mexico City Concert Tour - July 2009

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We performed Mendelssohn's Elijah and the Haydn Te Deum in Mexico City.  A more complete account is here in the HSC Archives,
but these pictures document some of what we did.


Waiting for a rehearsal to start at the concert hall, the Salle Nezahualcoyotl (which, after a lot of practice, I have learned to say -- after a fashion). 
And here is the first look at our angels, the children's chorus that joined us for Elijah.  We were hanging around backstage and one of them handed
me her camera.  I assumed that she wanted me to take a group picture of her with her friends -- but it turned out that she wanted a picture with me! 
I grouped up with them -- and the camera battery ran out.  So I lent them my camera to take the picture and got an email address to send it to.

More pictures of our angels.  We really liked them -- and the feeling was obviously mutual.  The guy signing autographs is Alan, a baritone whom I sang next to,
and who was part of the solo quartet used in one of the choruses.  The angels sang absolutely beautifully, including a gorgeous trio ("Lift Thine Eyes") and the solo recitatives with Elijah -- all the stuff about "Look toward the sea ... I see nothing .. Go up again and still look toward the sea .. A little cloud ariseth now from the
waters; it is like a man's hand!  The heavens are black with clouds and wind;  The storm rusheth louder and louder" .. .then we sing "Thanks be to God ...".   Good, dramatic stuff, and their soprano soloist did a great job.  The concert picture on the right shows her singing this.

They're all really nice -- mostly girls but a few young men.   I'm so glad we met them and I sure hope we sing with them again.

We took an excursion to Taxco, which is quite a long bus ride into the mountains.  It's a mining area and we visited a silver shop.

Sculptures showing how they costume for one of their religious festivals.

Scott and I climbed through the steep, winding streets to get a fine view of the main cathedral and the surrounding city.

The wives were waiting for us back at the town square in front of the cathedral.

And we went on for a beer at a nice place overlooking the town.

Below, our favorite restaurant, the Antigua Hacienda de Tlalpan.  We've usually gone there in the evening, often after a performance so it's late. 
This time it was Sunday afternoon, and they were closing at 6 PM.  It's very different with the kids playing in the garden -- and chasing the peacocks.

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