Jacob - Nov 2007

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Jacob was born July 7, 2007.  Here are some pictures of him.

Jacob and his brother just before we got him from the breeder.  He's on the right in both pictures.  I don't actually know which one it is in the last picture, but I thought that the pack behind the fence was interesting.

Little Jake at home.  These were taken about Sept 15, so he was a bit over two months old.  He was 20 lb when we got him.

The first picutre is mid-Sept (note the one ear still down), then we go to Oct 6, a couple weeks later.  Look at how he's growing.

By this time Jacob and Sammy are buddies.

Jacob started out terrified of the cats.  Then he started barking at them, then chasing.  This is a relationship that takes a while to sort out.

October 13.  We got a bigger carrier for him to sleep in -- but he outgrew it almost immediately.  It's a pretty tight fit here, and it got tighter before we got the big one out.

October 18.  The play is getting rougher.

The last picture is Nov 2.

Nov 12.  He's getting around 50 lb now.

I really like the last picture.  Those may be puppy teeth, but he's doing the best he can with them.

This is the BIG carrier.  Plenty of room.

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