Texans Football - October 2008

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We more or less inherited Texans season tickets from Debby's parents when they became too frail to deal with getting in and out of the stadium. 
That is, they transferred to us the right to purchase the tickets, which in itself is expensive -- and the tickets themselves aren't exactly cheap.  The
seats are in the club level, which is sheltered and has lots of services.  We wouldn't have chosen ourselves to get Texan season tickets, and certainly
not such expensive ones -- but this is the second season we've been going and we're really enjoying it.  Here are some images of the whole experience.


Tailgating before the game.  These are mostly Bayou City Road Runners -- the running club I drink beer with at Valhalla on Wednesday evenings.
We all chip in for the three parking spaces and bring food, drinkables, chairs, etc.  It's quite an elaborate operation.

Going up the escalators to the Club Level.

Pictures of the Club Level ... uh, "plaza" I guess.  There are lots of places selling food on the left, not really shown in any of these pictures.  Big windows that some people sit behind and watch the game
in air conditioned comfort, especially if the weather is a problem.  (They haven't been able to close the roof since Ike damaged it, so we can have weather problems, particularly sun in the afternoon).
There's a big bar area, shown directly above on the left, and it seems that some people spend the whole time there, not watching the game.  I seriously don't understand this.  Seems like an awfully
expensive bar to me, but ...

We meet the lady on the left at the Symphony sometimes, in the middle is Donna (standing in front of us -- she's been getting better about that), and our next seat neighbor, Scott,
who is very knowledgeable about football.

The Texans come out through the flaming chute.

Scott and Carol, Deborah and Steve.  Steve works building the high rises.  His skin has seen a lot of sun and wind.

Steve (he's the "bead man") and Donna.

Dan Pastorini, famous quarterback.

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