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The backbone of these displays are scans of the superb scrapbooks kept by Lee Stevens spanning the period 1965 -1985, containing programs, reviews, newspaper articles, photos, and so on.  These are in five scrapbooks, but after scanning they have been broken up into nine files to keep the size down.  Nonetheless, these are mostly large files and they will take a while to download.  Note that the highlights below are not intended to be a summary of the contents, but rather they are just somewhat capriciously chosen "teasers" of what you'll find in these volumes.  There are some internal indications that the first scrapbook (1965-75) was compiled by an unknown person other than Lee, and there is some duplication with the 1970-74 scrapbook.  The Lee Stevens scrapbooks have been augmented before 1965 with documents from the HSC archives.

1947-1959 1 MB Urbach Concerts Detailed List
1940-1956 56 MB pre-HSC, formation, non-symphony concerts,
HSO premier of Carmina,
American premier of another Orff work
1956-1965 45 MB B Minor Mass, Belshazzar, Gerontius
1965-1970 43 MB Sir John Barbirolli, Robert Shaw
1971-1972 51  MB Lawrence Foster, Robert Shaw Missa
Nevsky, Rothko Chapel, Ima Hogg
1970-1974 64 MB Some duplication of previous scrapbook.
Carmina, Mitch Miller, Shaw Workshop,
1974-1977 45 MB Robert Shaw, Roger Wagner Workshop
Berlioz Faust, St. Matthew
     Die Zauberfrüite 3 MB "The Magic Fruit", extracted from 1974-77
     Vocal Score 16 MB "The Magic Fruit" vocal score
1977-1979 53 MB Tippett, Elgar Star Wars, Jerome Hines
1979-1981 61 MB Commissiona, Tchaikovsky Festival
1982 25 MB Gurrelieder
1983 42 MB Bernstein
1984-1985 54 MB Marvin Zindler, Earl Campbell
1989-1992 16 MB HSC Newsletter "Sing Out"
1982   Photos from Summer Conference

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