Houston Symphony Chorus, Houston Masterworks Chorus, Sons of Orpheus

Works Performed by Roger Cutler since '89 in the HSC, '14 in HMC and '16 in Sons of Orpheus

This is a personal view of my choral performances in the Houston Symphony Chorus, Houston Masterworks Chorus and Sons of Orpheus, including ratings that reflect nothing but my personal opinion. Look here for a complete history of the HSC. Grey entries are works performed by these orgranizations that I did not participate in.

Click on "Chronology", "Works" or "Timeline" for three different views. Click on entries in boxes on right to winnow data.
- In "chronology" view, click on the "Year" column header to reverse the order.
- In "Works" view, change the logic of the display by clicking on one of the "sorted by" entries and selecting an option, e.g. "Remove this order".
- In "Timeline" view, scroll by dragging within the year ribbon at bottom of display, and click on concert entry to view details.
Or download raw data as Excel spreadsheet.

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