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I sang with the Houston Symphony Chorus for 26 years -- 1989 through 2016 -- so I've done most of the big standards and a lot of the not-so-standards. For 16 of those years Debby sang with the Houston Symphony as well.  More recently Debby and I have been singing in the Houston Masterworks Chorus, I've been in the Sons of Orpheus, and I've been singing with the Houston Cecilia Chamber Choir since 2017.  See my list of works performed for more detail. I've also taken voice lessons for most of that time and done some solo work, including a bit of semi-pro for the Christian Scientists, and occasioinal paid choral work.  Another pretty regular musical activity for a several years was a small group of singers (usually five of us -- some pictures here) that met at my house to do ensemble singing, which is essentially vocal chamber music (sort of like a string quintet except with singers).  I've also attended Western Wind ensemble singing workshops for many years (probably since '98 or '99), a venue that I thoroughly recommend.

For what it's worth, here is a list of the choral works that I have found the most memorable:

Here is a list of the performances I have found most memorable.  Not exactly the same thing as above:

In high school I trained fairly seriously as a pianist, but I haven't played for decades. My piano skills have largely atrophied, but recently I've been playing a bit more.

X-Cntry Skiing, etc Building the New Year's bonfire with Jean Luc. He's a lot stronger than I am -- and he's uphill, too.  Roger, Debby and Sheba.

Sailing Sailing in the Virgin Islands

etc After sailing, a cold beer and a good book.

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